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Open Source IDE

Our codebase will be open to public for their collaboration and review. This will also allow for individuals to run and host StreamSide in their own environment.

In-line threads.

Enable discussions and ask for review directly on your code without any formal PRs.

Keyboard Hotkeys

Customize keyboard shortcuts to efficiently navigate your codebase.

AI search your codebase

This feature allows engineers to interact with their codebase in ways intuitive to them. Ask questions you are too shy to ask your senior engineers, or bounce ideas.

Real-time pair programming

What's better than pointing at a line of code over a screen-share video call? Being able to highlight and interact with the line on the same

Branch and File Audio Rooms

Users will be able to join audio rooms based on what file or branch they are working on.


Configure and link source code versioning service of your choice (GitLab, GitHub, Bitbucket).